Orb is inspired by the sun/moon-viewing elliptical apertures set into the walls of my own adobe home. I chose to expand the concept into a human-scale, purpose-built hollow boulder-shaped ‘building’ pierced by numerous elliptical apertures. 

At an appointed time during the hours of sunlight or moonlight, one can enter within the orb to engage oneself within the almost imperceptibly moving shafts of rising/setting sun or moonbeams as they scribe arcs across the floor and opposing wall.

To stand within, gazing at the moon or bathe in the sunlight through these apertures is truly an empowering experience  – there is an immediate profound intimate relationship with the celestial bodies in the vast landscape. Though having that immediate contrast (inside and outside viewing) on a high ridge site will bear enormous sensory impact. These shafts of light move like spotlights on the floor and the opposing wall. Because there are so many apertures, at least a dozen viewers can choose their particular moon or sunbeam.

If are interested in commissioning Chris Booth for his ethereal orb contact him through the contact page or by mail.