Echo van de Veluwe, 2004-2005

Echo van de Veluwe, 2004-2005
Kröller-Müller Museum, Houtkampweg, Otterlo, Netherlands, Netherlands

Echo van de Veluwe, 2004-2005

Kröller-Müller Museum, Netherlands

Intensive research into the geomorphology and social history of the sculpture park and surrounding Hoge Veluwe area resulted in five key factors that became the basis for the sculpture concept:

  • glaciations, (100,000-150,000 years ago when the penultimate ice age covered and formed this landscape);
  • erratic boulders, which were picked up by this glacier in Scandinavia, transported and deposited in northern Netherlands and Germany (the sculpture is made from these boulders);
  • wind, that brought the sand after the glacier receded;
  • farming, possibly up to 6000 years in the field adjacent to the sculpture and its impact on this fragile landscape;
  • water, a precious resource that is currently under threat.

Echo van de Veluwe took a team of five, ten months to make in an open work site adjacent to the sculpture site. 310 erratic boulders were used and in total weighs 32 tonne. Thousands of visitors visited the sculpture under construction in the sculpture garden.

The sculpture was named by Peet Brons, a 97 year old retired farmer and wise person of the area who embraced the project and team from day one.


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