earth reeds sticks string fungi, 2014

earth reeds sticks string fungi, 2014
Royal Botanic Gardens, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, Canada

RBG Ontario, Canada

Within the RBG Arboratum, at the fringe of the Dogwood and Redbud Collection, beside the Lilac Dell on a relatively steep slope, beautifully shaded from the sun by the embracing canopy of a fully flowering Dogwood tree, I built my earth art. An ideal site for growing fungi – nature’s greatest recycler.

Directly on the earth, a new dimension to my kinetic ‘living’ sculpture series was to evolve. All my previous kinetic works incorporated stone with recycled wood – this one was to use only reeds, sticks and string – to be returned to earth over time by fungi.

Consequently, in comparison to my other kinetic works, it will be a fast mover. The full sequence of its artistic evolution will perhaps be only seven years instead of twenty or thirty.

Sympodial growth (putting it simply, this is a zig zag pattern of growth) of the nearby (and somewhat threatened) Sassafras tree inspired the structure and life/evolution of the piece.

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