Laminae is inspired by fungi and in this specific case, coral fungi – hence the connection to the Cottesloe beach and the threatened and dying coral reefs of Australia and the world. This is due to humankind exploitation of our natural environment leading to climate change. Fungi itself is an organism to which I am particularly drawn, it is vital to life on our planet. Over the last 25 years or so I’ve collaborated with it in my kinetic sculptures .

Of interest, Laminae fits into the radiating element series of my work such as Waljin-Beela 2017 at The Farm Margaret River, Western Australia.  

The ideal way to show Laminae is by suspending it in a stairwell or atrium where the fabulous view underneath really comes into its own. The following is an image looking up underneath at my workshop (just ignore the ‘legs’). If it’s in a stairwell, then it can be viewed from above, the side and below.

Materials: macrocarpa venner plywood

Dimensions: 80cm x 380cm x 280cm